AU Topical Collection

There will be a Topical Collection in Algebra Universalis dedicated to AAA94+NSAC 2017.

This is a new concept in the publishing policy of Algebra Universalis, and it is meant to replace the currently used format of a Special Issue. The reason for this change is the CAP (Continuous Article Publication) system that will be applied from January, 1st 2018. According to the standards of the CAP system, every publication that successfully went through the refereeing process will be published online shortly (usually meaning 24-48 hours) after final acceptance, and it will be immediately attached to a volume. This means that a volume is going to be defined as a collection of papers collected in a given time, and ordered by the corresponding timeline. In particular, this implies that papers, that were previously collected in a Special Issue, will be distributed over several volumes and mixed with other journal papers. In order to collect them again, each of them will receive a label of the topic, together with names of the Editors of  the corresponding Topical Collection.


Submission is now open.

Deadline for submissions is November 30th, 2017.

You can submit a manuscript that contains original research in any area that is listed under the main topics of the conference.

The submission procedure is the standard one. You should go to the Editorial Manager and start the submission procedure.  When deciding for the article type, choose “T. C.: NSAC 2017” and then Igor Dolinka as the Associate Editor. After that you proceed as usual.

Note that Igor Dolinka appears as the Associate Editor, but in reality he plays a managing role, meaning that he distributes submitted manuscripts to the Editors of the Topical Collection, in this case Petar Marković, Miklós Maróti and Andreja Tepavčević.