Travel info


First of all, you should check if you need a visa for entering Serbia. Click here  to visit the site of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs for official information concerning the visa requirements and the existing visa regime towards holders of passports of various countries. There is a long list of countries whose citizens can enter the country for a short stay (up to 90 days) without visas – this includes, for example, all EU and Schengen Area members, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Turkey…

If it turns out that you need a visa to come to Serbia, you will need (as a part of your visa application, in case that you go for the business visit option) an invitation letter form issued and signed by the Dean of the Faculty of Science. For this, you should provide us with the following data (save the form as a text file, complete it and attach to an e-mail), accompanied with a CV including the list of research publications, if any (if you have a web page, this can be replaced by a link to it). Please, keep in mind that it is the policy of Dean’s Office to issue invitations only to professional scientists and PhD students in conference-related fields.

Getting to Serbia / Novi Sad

If you plan to arrive to the conference by plane, the main airport you should consider as your destination is the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (IATA code: BEG), which is just under 80km/50mi from Novi Sad. It is served by a number of well-known airlines, most notably by Lufthansa, Swiss, Air France, Austrian Airlines, Alitalia, Turkish Airlines, Aeroflot and the Serbian national airline Air Serbia. You might want to explore your travel options at the global flight booking system Amadeus, or at Kayak.

Click here  for timetables and prices of bus services connecting the airport to Belgrade, or here for taxi services. The Belgrade-Novi Sad line is frequently served by a number of coaches (in fact, it is the most frequent line in the country), so it is very easy to reach Novi Sad once you are in Belgrade downtown (i.e. at the central bus station). You might also consider a door-to-door Belgrade Airport-Novi Sad transfer service, especially if you are arriving in small groups.

Another airport that should be kept in mind is the Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport (IATA code: BUD); this might be particularly interesting for non-European participants, since it might be easier to find a good deal by flying to BUD. From Budapest, you can get to Novi Sad either by train  (type in `Budapest’ and `Novi Sad’), or by coach.