The 99th European Study Group with Industry
Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, Novi Sad, 3rd-7th February 2014

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European Study Group with Industry is a week-long workshop where mathematicians from universities work together with experts from industry on questions and problems arising from industry or other organizations. It is an internationally recognised method of technology and knowledge transfer between academic mathematicians and industry. Oxford Study Group with Industry concept was pioneered at University of Oxford in 1960's. Later renamed as European Study Groups with Industry, ESGI has become a successful model worldwide. There are no limitations for problems types nor organizations that submit problems (industry, financial organizations, public and governmental agencies, NGOs etc). For more information see

The ESGI will be organized in Serbia for the first time by the Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad in cooperation with European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry.


ESGI for Companies

An interested company may suggest a problem or research question to the workshop. An industry representative will be asked to present the problem on the first day. A team of mathematicians and experts of computational methods will tackle the problem for the consecutive 4 days. Results are presented on the last day. A follow-up written report will be prepared shortly after the event.


ESGI for Academic Participants

Academic participants (senior researchers, researchers and PhD students) are welcome to participate at ESGI. The ESGI format is the following: the problems are presented on Monday morning by a company representative; after that groups of mathematicians are formed according to individual interests and the groups works on their problems from Monday afternoon until Thursday. The obtained results are presented on Friday morning. Each group is supposed to prepare a written report for the company shortly after the event.

The organizers will provide accommodation and food from Monday to Friday for all participants.