International Conference

Applications of Generalized Functions in Harmonic Analysis, Mechanics, Stochastics and PDE


25. - 27. October 2017, Novi Sad

The conference brings together researchers working in the field of generalized functions and represents a forum for presentation of the results and discussion about recent advances in applications in harmonic analysis, mechanics, stochastic analysis, PDEs and SPDEs. It is the second conference in line, continuing the conference Applications of Generalized Functions in General Relativity, Stochastics and Mechanics (AGF:GRSaM) held in 2016.

The main conference will be extended by the satellite workshop TIFMOFUS (Time-Frequency Methods for Operators and Function Spaces) which will take place on October 24th>.


Novi Sad branch of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad

Scientific Committee

dr Teodor Atanacković
dr Stevan Pilipović
dr Jelena Aleksić
dr Sanja Konjik
dr Dora Seleši
dr Nenad Teofanov
dr Dušan Zorica

Organizing Committee

dr Teodor Atanacković
dr Stevan Pilipović
dr Filip Tomić
dr Ivana Vojnović
dr Milica Žigić


All the lectures at the Conference will be given by invited lecturers. Researchers and PhD students are strongly encouraged to take part in it and attend all the sessions. Registration is made by filling out the registration form at the bottom of the page.

List of registered participants:


The conference is partially financed by the Provincial Secretariat for Higher Education and Scientific Research and supported by the following scientific projects:

MPNTR project 174024

Methods of functional and harmonic analysis and PDEs with singularities

MPNTR project 174005

Viscoelasticity of fractional type and shape optimization in the theory of rods

Bilateral project (Austria-Serbia)

Solutions of stochastic equations involving differential and pseudodifferential operators in algebras of generalized stochastic processes

Multilater scientific and technological cooperation in the Danube region

Time-frequency methods for operators and function spaces (TIFMOFUS)

Bilateral project (Croatia-Serbia)

Microlocal analysis, PDEs and applications to heterogeneous materials

Bilateral project (Croatia-Serbia)

Variational calculus, optimization and applications

Agreement on Scientific Cooperation

Agreement on scientific cooperation between the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

MTA Domus grant

Algebras of generalized stochastic processes and singular stochastic differential equations

Program outline

  • October 24, registration, satellite workshop TIFMOFUS
  • October 25 - 27, talks of participants
  • October 28, discussions, departure

Program (PDF)

Book of Abstracts (PDF)


Researchers and students who wish to participate should fill out the registration form below. Lecturers are kindly asked to submit their abstracts prepared in LaTeX to

Registration will be closed on October 1st. The deadline for abstract submission is also October 1st.

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