International Conference on Generalized Functions GF2018

Novi Sad, Serbia, August 27-31st, 2018

Dedicated to Professor Michael Oberguggenberger's 65th birthday


Please pay in our favor to the following account.
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Currency: EUR

Account name: University of Novi Sad – Faculty of Sciences

Address: Trg Dositeja Obradovica 3

Town/Country: Novi Sad/Serbia

Bank Name: National Bank of Serbia - NBS

Address: Nemanjina 17

Town / Country: 11000 Belgrade / Serbia

Account number: 840 75790 29

IBAN: RS35840000000007579029


Intermediary Bank: Deutsche Bank AG

Address: Taunusanlage 12, 60262 Frankfurt am Main

Town / Country: Frankfurt am Main / Germany

IBAN: DE20500700100935930800


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Reference: 14-04-66

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