IPA PROJECT "Non-Standard Forms of Teaching Mathematics and Physics: Experimental and Modeling Approach"

Teaching extremely high number of students and simultaneously supporting talents cannot be done by classical ways; they require very different non-standard teaching methods. They are unavoidable at both partners. Hence, based on the and results of IPA project "Teaching Mathematics and Statistics in Sciences" (2010-2011) the main objectives are
  • Development and dissemination of "Non-standard", "Non-Traditional" forms and methods of practice- and application oriented teaching of Math and Physics with special respect of
    • life sciences, medicine, high school math
    • combination of computer-aided, experimental methods and developing manual skills
    • interactive-dynamic books
    • mobile tools in classroom and individual study
    • intensive forms of courses
    • new ways of control
  • Knowledge and teaching exchange:
    • Application of developments in joint interdisciplinary or special courses; teaching materials
    • Student and teacher exchange
  • Popularization and dissemination of modern teaching methods of sciences among teachers and young generation via
    • International schools, open days, conferences; "Meet the prof"; joining wide initiatives
    • Information and creativity materials
    • Media connection
  • Strenghtening the educational cooperations with other neighboring countries.
  • Internationalizing of our results by joining to world-wide iniitiatives: Researchers' Night, ...
  • Involving PhD students in the cooperation.
The direct target groups are university and high school teachers; high school, graduate and PhD students, and professionals, while the indirect target groups are the students taught by teachers from the main target group. The cross-border impacts are widening the collaboration between the partners, joint events, multilinguality, exchange of teachers and students.

The members of the project are:

University of Novi Sad

Dr. Arpad Takači

Project management, organizing purchases, organizing seminars and courses

Dr. Đurđica Takači

Coordinator, developer, lecturer

Dr. Marko Nedeljkov

Coordinator, developer, lecturer

Olivera Klisurić

developer, teacher

Dr. Srdjan Škrbić

developer, teacher

Dr. Mirjana Mikalački

developer, teacher

Nikola ALeksić

Internal PraG expert for single tenders

Ljubica Krajinović

Financial manager

University of Szeged

Janos Karsai, PhD

Project Manager

Csilla Kertesz

Financial Manager

Julianna Bajmócy

Financial Assistant

Bernadett Macsek, Dr.

Internal PraG expert for single tenders

Gergely Rost, PhD.

Coordinator, developer, lecturer

Diana Hulman-Knipl

developer, lecturer

Monika van Leeuwen-Polner, PhD.

Developer, lecturer, event organizer

Attila Denes, PhD

Developer, lecturer, event organizer

Jozsef Kosztolanyi, PhD

Developer, lecturer, didactic expert

Julia Tandori, PhD

Developer, lecturer

Peter Makra, PhD

Coordinator, developer, lecturer

Adam Hulman

Developer, lecturer

Csaba Gyuricza


Robert Vajda, PhD

Developer, lecturer

The project is co-financed by the European Union through Hungary-Serbia IPA cross-border co-operation programme
Projekat sufinansira Evropska Unija u sklopu IPA prekograničnog programa Mađarska-Srbija
A program a Magyarország – Szerbia IPA Határon Átnyúló Együttműködési Programban az Európai Unió társfinanszírozásával valósul meg.

We also provide the teaching material. You can find the template here.

  • Wonder
    Template for the electronic book
    To see how a chapter in electronic book should look like, click here.

Planned activities

  • Meet Professor
  • Open day
  • Electronic book
  • Courses

Meet professor


Contact Us

University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sciences
Department of Mathematics and Informatics
Trg Dositeja Obradovića 4
21000 Novi Sad, Serbia

Tel: 021/485-2857

Email: mathPhysBridge