Topics for contribution


  • The impact of CAS-DGS on mathematics teaching
  • The changing role of the teacher
  • Teacher learning
  • Teacher training
  • Distance learning and CAS
  • Teaching with upcoming TP-based systems (TPS)


  • The impact of CAS-DGS on students’ learning
  • Students’ attitudes toward CAS-DGS
  • CAS-DGS understanding/knowledge
  • Algebraic skills and CAS
  • Instrumentation
  • Learning with upcoming TP-based systems (TPS)


  • Design of learning environments and curricula
  • Implementation of curricula and classroom practices / Innovative practices
  • Promises of TPS for curriculum development and administration


  • Assessment in CAS-DGS environments
  • CAS-DGS in Web-based assessment systems
  • Evaluation of step-wise problem solving with TPS
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